Black Sheep Squadron

The Legend of the Modern Day Black Sheep Squadron

The original Black Sheep Squadron was a group of misfits in World War II, who was started and led by Major Greg Boyington. They did not fit to the "spit and polish" image or follow regulations to the letter. What they did do was be the most successful group of aviators in the Pacific.

Today there are groups like this once famous outfit flying today. I am a member of the modern day Black Sheep Squadron. I was a dispatcher for a small DC-3 outfit that flew freight. The company was started by former airline pilots. After they met a guy who owned a Gooney Bird, they decided to give the freight business a try. I started the sales and dispatch department for them and together with some seasoned crop dusters and freight dogs, we showed the airline guys how to fly freight the right way. The guys who were not formerly with an airline clashed, to say the least with the airline culture that existed. While the airline guys were still flight planning their trip, the freight dogs were loaded and half way to the destination airport. We got the job done with little support and never missed a trip.

Now before I offend some of you airline types I would like to say that I have known more good than bad. I do respect the job the airlines do each day. Cargo flying, however, is a totally different environment from an airlines. You know this if you are an airline pilot who has come from this environment. There is no support system to flight plan and load the freight, and the auto pilot on a DC-3 is the guy in the right seat. This was a tough adjustment for guys who just came off flying glass cockpits and being paid well. This being said, the airline guys shunned our hard working little group at every turn. The airline guys, shunned the way we went about doing our jobs and even called some of the real freighter pilots unsafe. However, these airline guys were the ones who ended up running perfectly good tail wheel airplanes off perfectly good runways. Our little group became the black sheep of the company. We started jokingly referring to ourselves as the Black Sheep Squadron. Membership was granted to those who went the extra mile and found ways to finish trips for the customers rather than find reason to scrub the trip.

I started this page for two reasons. First, I am no longer able to work for the charter company or any other company. I was disabled while loading freight a couple of years ago. Thanks to modern technology I can try to make a living from my house, which is great since I can no longer drive anywhere much less to work. Second, though I have known more good airline pilots than bad, I thought it was time to honor the Squadrons of the past and present. There are hard working guys flying the DC-3 and other types of freighters right now as you’re reading this page. I hope you can help support the Black Sheep Squadron.

If you would like to have your picture mounted in the Black Sheep Squadron photo album, send it to the address listed below. If you are able please send one dollar to help support this page along with a self addressed stamped envelope (if you want your picture returned) . As I said before, I am trying to make a living again from being disabled in a loading accident. The more pictures I show the more it costs me. The person with the best picture of the month will receive a free T-shirt of their choice. So when you send in yours, state which shirt you would like if you win.

A donation of $1.00 for each sale will be made to the American Battle Monument Commission to help build the World War Two (WWII) Memorial in Washington D.C. Please help the Black Sheep Squadron honor those who fought for our freedom.

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