Black Sheep Squadron

Black Sheep Squadron Photo Album

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C-54 (DC-4) stuck in the mud at the end of a runway in Formosa, Taiwan.
The crash and photos complements of Capt. Harry Hargove USAF.

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While crews work on getting the big plane out of the mud, a C-47 comes in for a landing (the FAA would have shut this airport down for a month if this happened today)
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An American Airlines Ford Tri-Motor at the opening ceremonies for a new American route in 1964
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The crew of the Ford Tri Motor at the ceremony with a VIP

Left to right Captain Ed McNeil, William T. Larkins author of The Ford Tri-Motor, a Triumph in Air Transport 1927-1965, First Officer Harry Hargrove

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DC-3 (With DC-4 Carvair in background)
This aircraft is the one displayed on our "Y2K Compliant since 1936" t-shirt
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Andy Downs with son, Jackson, Enroute to Orlando in a Navajo - First Flight for Jackson
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James Downs - In the right seat of a Navajo
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DC-4 Carvair - La Grange, GA
Special thanks to Harry Hargove for these special pictures. Harry is one of the few people on earth to start flying for American Airlines on a Ford Tri-Motor and finish his career as a Captain on a DC-10. An honorary member of the Black Sheep Squadron, he still can fly a DC-10 just as well as a Lockheed Lodestar.

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