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A donation of $1.00 for each sale will be made to the American Battle Monument Commission to help build the World War Two (WWII) Memorial in Washington D.C. Please help the Black Sheep Squadron honor those who fought for our freedom.

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Ash_design.jpg (14721 bytes) T-Shirt: Black Sheep Squadron

Color: Ash/Grey

This quality t-shirt proudly displays the "Black Sheep Squadron" Logo in black & white on the front left chest and in full-color on the back.

Price: $15.95


T-Shirt: Y2K Compliant

Color: Navy

This handsome t-shirt displays the rugged Douglas C-47 in flight with the caption "Y2K Complaint since 1936".

Price: $15.95

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Ipp4faa_design.jpg (5738 bytes)  

T-Shirt: IPP4FAA

Color: Tan

This humerous t-shirt displays "IPP4FAA" acrossed the chest.

Price: $12.95

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