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A donation of $1.00 for each sale will be made to the American Battle Monument Commission to help build the World War Two (WWII) Memorial in Washington D.C. Please help the Black Sheep Squadron honor those who fought for our freedom.

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The Classics - Suitable for Every Season

wep.gif (4708 bytes)

WEP The original classic US Navy/Marine Corps Flight Jacket from the Vietnam Era, worn as part of the flying suit and newly updated for wear as jacket alone.

ma1.gif (2689 bytes)

MA-1 The classic U.S. Air Force flight jacket for over 40 years. For use in cold weather climates (20 degrees F) Reversible to high-visibility Indian Orange for use in emergencies.

cwu.gif (2797 bytes)

CWU 45/P A nylon version of the U.S. Air force current issue cold weather flight jacket.

Cold Weather Classics

n2b.gif (2163 bytes)

N-2B Parka Created for cold weather flight, the N series of flight jackets was introduced in 1945 with the N2.

n3b.gif (1775 bytes)

N-3B Parka A longer version of the N-2B, the N-3B was developed for crew personnel subjected to extreme cold climates. The N-3B is mainly issued to air crews assigned to troop transports, helicopters and strategic bombers.

m65.gif (2515 bytes)

M-65 Field Coat The workhorse of American infantry outerwear for the past three decades.

als92.gif (2976 bytes)

ALS/92 Liner The ALS/92 Liner enhances the warmth of the M-65. Unlike other liners, it can also be reversed and worn separately as a lightweight jacket.

arcticfleece.gif (4437 bytes)

Arctic Fleece Jacket/Liner A new and essential component of the Alpha ECWCS system. Can be worn alone, with the Alpha ECWCS or a variety of other jackets.

b15.gif (2566 bytes)

B-15/RC By the end of World War II, the B-15, the precursor of the MA-1, was considered the premier USAF flight jacket.

Deck Series

deckparka.gif (3533 bytes)

Deck Parka Derived from weather-protective clothing still worn by aircraft carrier personnel.

deckjacket.gif (3726 bytes)

Deck Jacket Aircraft carrier personnel general purpose jacket in tough corded cotton.

ddma1.gif (4202 bytes)

Deck Denim MA-1 Intermediate weight flight jacket styled in weathered denim.

MP-Tex Series

ae96.gif (4477 bytes)

AE-96 Lightweight general purpose jacket.

wi96.gif (6157 bytes)

WI-96 Longer length, quilted general purpose jacket.

mp45p.gif (2806 bytes)

MP 45/P Intermediate weight flight jacket modeled after current issue CWU 45/P.

mp65.gif (5353 bytes)

MP M-65 Based on the M-65 Field Coat, featuring quilted lining.

mpn3b.gif (1775 bytes)

MP N-3B Updated snow parka based on the Extreme Cold Weather N-3B.

Flight Series Jackets
cwu.gif (2797 bytes)

Flight 45/P For pilots around the world, the CWU 45/P is the newly designed flight jacket created to accompany the next generation of jet fighters. This rendition of the 45/P is fleece lined for superior warmth

leather_ma1.gif (4069 bytes)

Leather MA-1 Flight Jacket
Premium cowhide leather flight jacket in the classic US Air Force MA-1 style.
Color: Black

leather_45p.gif (4328 bytes)

Leather 45/P Flight Jacket
Premium cowhide leather winter-weight flight jacket in the same style as the current issue US Air Force 45/P.
Color: Brown

b3.gif (5337 bytes)

Sherpa B-3 Flight Jacket
Premium sheepskin flight jacket in the US Air Force Military Specification style during WWII.
Color: Brown

Edge of Beyond Series
navypatroljacket.gif (4025 bytes)

Navy Patrol Jacket Alpha has married a hip 90's fabric to a classic US Navy jacket to produce this contemporary design winner.

navypatrolparka.gif (4130 bytes)

Navy Patrol Parka All-purpose knee-length parka with outer shell in polyester & cotton PVC and embossed texture.

scout.gif (5049 bytes)

Scout Military-inspired vintage aviation jacket with drop tail back.

defender.gif (5010 bytes)

Defender New jacket derived from the proven Flight Line fireman's coat.

m51fishtail.gif (4700 bytes)

Winter Fishtail Parka Winter version of the M-51 Fishtail Korean War Vintage Over Parka with quilted down lining.

survivor.gif (3651 bytes)

Survivor Two-piece jacket and detachable vest outer shell.

Alpha ECWSS Apparel
g8parka_red.gif (3477 bytes)

G8 PARKA & TROUSER A waterproof, windproof all weather clothing ensemble. For use in cold weather, rain, snow and sleet.

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